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Europass is the first European set of documents on education, personal competencies, language knowledge, qualifications and work experience.

5 Europass documents:

  • CV – Europass-Curriculum Vitae is the essential document of the Europass portfolio. It is up to the user to complete this document.
  • Language Passport – Europass-Language Passport is a document providing information on language skills and experience achieved in one or more foreign languages.
  • Mobility – Europass-Mobility records a European study stay, which has taken place since the year 2005. For example: a study placement within an exchange program.
  • Certificate Supplement – Europass-Certificate Supplement is an appendix to a vocational qualification certificate enabling understanding the meaning of the certificate in a foreign country.
  • Diploma Supplement – Europass-Diploma Supplement as an appendix to a higher education diploma enabling understanding the meaning of the diploma in a foreign country.

For more information in all EU languages see the Europass European Portal (http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu).


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